Justin Bieber (Justinbeavrus dumbassis) is an unknown species of animal, possibly a monkey, of the genus Justinbeavrus.

Data & EvolutionEdit

Justin bieber puberty

Justin Biebers are among the rarest and most unusual of all animals. it is not known how Justin Biebers evolved, but scientists say that it is a hybrid of a chimpanzee and an earthworm. Justin Biebers are also called dumbchimps because of their full lack of intelligence and is known to be retarded in every way.

A male Justin Bieber weighs 1500-3000 tons, while the female weighs 6000-8500 tons. The Justin Bieber is known as the world's most overweight animal because of the 100% fat contained in the milk. It will soon be a new animal In Animalkaiser because of it's deadly weight and poisonous tears

Justin Bieber/dumbchimp
A male dumbchimp/ Justin Bieber


Of the Fagots


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Out Of Order





Species & subspecies:

Justinbeavrus dumbassis, Justinbeavrus dumbassis dumbassis, Justinbeavrus dumbassis motherfuckus

Vocalizations & CallsEdit

Justin Biebers have an unusual vocalization called sissy-singing, which is not found in other animals except the Justin Bieber itself.

The calls of Justin Biebers are called a's, which is also not found on other animals.


Justin Biebers aren't carnivorous, herbivorous, omnivirous, or insectivorous, but it is in fact, shitivorous, also known as crappivorous or turdivorous, because of it's full diet of it's own feces and other animal feces.


Justin Biebers communicate in a language called gibberish, which is so hard to understand because of it's nonsense meanings.

Lifespan & Human threatsEdit

A male Justin Bieber can live up to a half hour, while the female lives up to a quarter hour. Justin Biebers are on the Near Extinction list because of hatred,homosexual makeout, and insulting. These threats have continued to drop the population to 1. The last living Justin Bieber now lives in the sewers of Canada.